Belgres. Meet us.

Compromise and innovation

About us

“Belgresis a family business with over 20 years of industry experience, materials specialists and advice work and the home work. You can check how we work top quality brands such as Pamesa, Tau, PerondaRoca etc...

Our vision of the work is based on attention to detail, meeting the needs of our customers with the highest quality and maximum guarantees. Our commitment is to always reach the highest level of service, quality and guarantee, with the best equipment of professionals at your service.

Do not doubt visit us and ask for a budget.

Our work

My business idea is based on direct sales of ceramics, accessories, taps and bathroom furniture. We have a big exposition to these products as well as raw material for laying of tiles such as tile adhesive, bagged sand, cement, etc...


The market, being increasingly demanding, will mark my differential great advantage which is the quick service and the quality of the product offered.  With our customer service I pretend to satisfy  as the my consumer`needs as the acquisition of the products necessary for a reform or a new building construction. 


As tiles for floor and wall as furniture and accessesory for  bathroom , sanitary, etc...


My activity is found in retail trade.  Each client is treated in a personalized way, paying attention to details.


The main key to being competitive in the industry is to keep up with the innovations that constantly arise, keep the customer informed of new products is within reach, and maintain a broad portfolio of products and services on the market so that the customer gets the very best in our business. This conjugated product quality and service above average and a value appropriate to the product and service.